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PowerGear Miniature

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The Revolution among Miniature Gears.
Forget everything you know about miniature gears. Dimensions, weight, precision – the new PowerGear Miniature sets new standards. PowerGear Miniature has a sensationally small installation size, an extremely light-weight aluminium housing, maximum performance and precision as well as many other advantages. The unique design of PowerGear Miniature will open up a vast range of applications in drive technology.


MS-Graessner – Engineering

We realize any gear.
Nearly any.
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For everyone who expects more: special gearboxes from the specialist

Our engineering and special manufacturing techniques have helped us become precision manufacturer of tooth systems and bevel gearboxes for almost 60 years, as well as specialist in special gearboxes.
For us, individual solutions are standard. And instead of offering expertise that‘s confined to certain areas, like pure development for instance, we offer comprehensive know-how in all relevant areas – from the specifications and the first sketch up to the manufacturing of the zero series including intensive test operations.
Our expertise also extends to a special in-house developed workflow management system: for optimal processes between all areas involved and the customer. Our quality management system thus guarantees highest quality and cost certainty.

We use modern software tools – GEARFOX – KISSsoft – Gleason – and own software solutions.



The spiral bevel gearbox

PowerGear Winkelgetriebe
The high performance bevel gearbox
  • Highest torque within small gearbox size
  • For highest input speeds
  • Ratios i = 1:1 up to 5:1
  • Torque up to 7000 Nm
  • Output via solid and hollow shaft
  • Motor mounting either directly or via coupling and flange

PowerGear MiniatureNEW Icon

The miniature spiral bevel gearbox

PowerGear MiniatureThe Revolution among Miniature Gears.
  • miniature gear for maximum precision
  • low backlash and high transmission accuracy
  • case-hardened bevel gear tooth system
  • friction-locked shaft-and-bevel-gear fit
  • energy-efficient through high level of efficiency of 98%
  • extremely light-weight aluminium housing
  • maintenance free through synthetic oil


The hypoid bevel gearbox

The high dynamic right angle gearbox
  • Hypoid gear sets
  • High input speed at middle and highest torque
  • Ratios i = 3:1 up to 15:1, single-stage, ratios up to 150:1 in two-stages
  • Torque up to 1440 Nm
  • Low backlash ≤ 2 arcmin
  • Variable motor mounting via coupling and lantern
  • Variable ratios within one gearbox size

DynaGear Economy

The cost optimised hypoid bevel gearbox

dynagear economyThe cost optimised right angle gearbox
  • Hypoid gear sets
  • High input speed at middle torque
  • Ratios i = 5:1, 8:1, 10:1 and 15:1, all single-stage
  • Torques up to 260 Nm
  • Backlash ≤ 6 arcmin
  • Flexible motor mounting via coupling and flange

KS TwinGear

The helical bevel gearbox

ks twingear The helical bevel gearbox
  • Two-stage bevel helical gearbox with ratios of up to 75:1
  • Torques up to 7500 Nm
  • Torsional backlash < 6 arcmin
  • Motor mounting either directly or via coupling and lantern
  • High torsional stiffness
  • High input speeds at high torques


The Planetary Gearbox for Power and Precision

  • compact design
  • high level of efficiency
  • high torsional rigidity
  • low mass moment of inertia torque
  • high overload capacity
  • high dynamics
  • large transmission ratios


Dynamic Spur Gearboxes

spur gearAdvantages:
  • economical production
  • simple mechanical movement and power transmission
  • high level of efficiency
  • high running smoothness
  • high axial and radial loads
  • low circumferential backlash
  • broad range of applications
  • long service life


The Planar Spiral Gearbox

TorusGear Planar spiral gearboxPlainly and simply: unrivalled.
  • Exceptionally compact design
  • High rigidity sets new standards
  • Zero backlash
  • With almost twice the torque
  • Significant weight reduction
  • High ratios in a single stage up to i = 400:1
  • There are virtually zero noise emissions
  • High operating reliability and long service life


The customised gearbox


 The customised gearbox
  • Single-stage gearboxes available as gearchange and reversing gearbox types
  • Forced-circulation oil lubricated gearboxes for high speed and torque
  • Labyrinth sealed gearboxes of an efficiency
    > 98%
  • Special-purpose design gearboxes with additional elements for use as functional units


Gearing Precision and Performance

BevelGear KegelradSpiral-, Hypoid- and Zerol® Bevel Gears
  • Standard range of products and custom-made versions
  • Module ms from 0.5 to 12
  • Diameters up to 410 mm
  • Shaft angle from 10° to 170°
  • More than 60 years of experience
  • Ground gear teeth

GearSystems [2.0]

System Solutions for Rack and Pinion Applications

GearSystems 2.0Gear Boxes - Racks - Spur Gears - Lubrication Components

These include:

  • low-backlash precision gearboxes
  • spur gears
  • toothed racks
  • lubrication systems


You have any questions? We will be glad to help you.


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