dynaGear servowinkel getriebeDynaGear – The highly dynamic servo right-angle gearbox.

The design of the DynaGear range has been influenced by extremely varied applications within many industry sectors. The DynaGear range has been developed with a highly dynamic servo drive solution in mind and therefore benefits from many advantages.

Dynamic and Precision in small format - our new size DynaGear D37  is designed for highly dynamic servo drive solutions in compact applications.

Internal Highlights

  • Right-angle gearbox, single-stage, ratios from 3:1 to 15:1, two-stage up to 100:1, higher ratios on request,
  • The compact and rigid design ensures highest performance whilst being space and weight efficient.
  • Lubricated for life, the gearboxes are virtually maintenance-free (when used under normal conditions). 
  • The high efficiency rating of 96% saves energy costs (92 % at DG-HR).

External Highlights

  • The DynaGear fits all current servo motors by way of input flanges and couplings to suit.
  • Torsional vibration can be adjusted via the coupling stiffness.
  • The gearbox dimensions are identical for all ratios.
  • New configuration with robot flange according to EN ISO 9409-1 and hollow shaft enables lead-through of supply lines and other media. 
Performance table

DynaGear GB performance table
Dimensions and configurations

DynaGear GB dimensions
Dimensions and Configurations - Output with robot flange according to EN ISO 9409-01 and hollow shaft 
DynaGear GB options


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