PowerGear Winkelgetriebe

PowerGear – The high performance bevel gearbox

The design of the PowerGear range has been influenced by extremely varied applications within many industry sectors. This bevel gearbox has been developed with a specific torque/speed relationship in mind and therefore benefits from many advantages.

  • compact and rigid design ensures highest performance whilst being space and weight efficient
  • Friction-locked fit between shaft and bevel gear
  • Energy-saving due to high efficiency rating of 98%
  • additional cooling: oil circulation system for cooling, cooling packs with or without additional fan
  • extended output hollow shaft for shrink disc (with or without shrink disc) 
  • customized designs
  • mounting feet
  • also available in stainless steel

POWERGEAR Animation:

The high performance standard bevel gearbox

  • 12 gearbox sizes, from P54 to P450
  • Ratios from i = 1:1 to 5:1
  • Input speeds n1max up to 7500 min-1
  • Flange, solid or hollow shaft version

The power-pack amongst the bevel gearboxes for highest torques
  • 9 gearbox sizes, from X54 to X280
  • Ratio i = 1:1
  • Torque T2N up to 5500 Nm
  • Input speeds n1max up to 4000 min-1
  • Solid or hollow shaft version
The HighSpeed bevel gearbox for highest input speeds
  • 5 gearbox sizes, from S75 to S170
  • Ratios i = 1,0:1 / 1,5:1 / 2,0:1
  • Input speeds n1max up to 8500 min-1
  • Lantern, solid or hollow shaft version


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