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gearfox getriebe berechnung softwareGEARFOX Software

The internet-based GEARFOX software, specially developed by Nidec Graessner, leaves nothing to chance. GEARFOX developer software is based on the claim to consider each design task as a challenge, with the ambition to find not just any possible solution, but the best solution – from the development and construction of an individual drive element to the calculation of a complete, perfectly coordinated drive train, including gearboxes.

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gearfox getriebe berechnung software graessner

KISSsoft Software

KISSsoft is a program for sizing, optimizing and recalculating designs for machine components such as gears.

In addition to cylindrical gears in different configurations (as pair, planetary set, three or four gears as chain, gear rack and as single gear), the KISSsoft gear design software also covers bevel gears and hypoid gears, crossed helical gears, worms, and face gears. In addition to strength verification in accordance with applicable standards numerous optimization functions are also offered. Naturally all important geometry calculations are also executed, reference dimensions are provided for manufacturing, and tooth form is determined in two and three dimensions.


Gleason Software

  • Generates nominal data for gear tooth inspection
  • Calculates Gleason machine corrections
  • Corrections can be sent over network to Gleason machines
  • Runs in a multi-user network environment with shared databases
  • Tight integration with CAGE (auto linking)
  • Operates from engineering workstations and gear inspection machines
  • Higher order corrections capability

gleason software berechnung getriebe

Nidec Graessner Workflow-Management

Short development times optimal configuration perfect results

Our in-house, continually optimised MS-Graessner workflow management system guarantees an optimal engineering process: in an iterative, itself meaningfully repeating process with defined interfaces – closed loop (manufacturing loop) – all areas involved, including sales, development, production and customer, are integrated at an early stage and at all relevant points. Thus the optimal coordination of all departments involved is guaranteed at every stage of the engineering process. This benefits quality assurance, communication and thus the acceleration of innovation and product cycles.

This workflow system also guarantees that possible requests for modification from the customer are integrated into the engineering process as soon as possible. Changes are cheaper to implement the earlier they are taken into account. Our expertise, in combination with customer feedback and lessons from the project, also continually improves the project management.
Workflow advantages
  • Shorter innovation and product cycles
  • Better communication through the involvement of all participants
  • Large knowledge base
  • Guided resources and capacities
  • Cost savings
Reduction of the development time
Given that the traditional development time from the concept development to start-up takes approximately 8 months, the MS-Graessner workflow management system substantially reduces the development time. The combination of working closely with the customer and the earlier, more cost-effective consideration of change requests means a successful outcome for individual engineering jobs.
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