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Nidec Graessner Gears
Gearing precision with performance.


The spiral bevel gearbox

PowerGear Winkelgetriebe The high performance bevel gearbox
  • Highest torque within small gearbox size
  • For highest input speeds
  • Ratios i = 1:1 up to 5:1
  • Torque up to 7000 Nm
  • Output via solid and hollow shaft
  • Motor mounting either directly or via coupling and flange

PowerGear Miniature

The miniature spiral bevel gearbox

PowerGear MiniatureThe Revolution among Miniature Gears.
  • miniature gear for maximum precision
  • low backlash and high transmission accuracy
  • case-hardened bevel gear tooth system
  • friction-locked shaft-and-bevel-gear fit
  • energy-efficient through high level of efficiency of 98%
  • extremely light-weight aluminium housing
  • maintenance free through synthetic grease


The hypoid bevel gearbox

dynaGear The high dynamic right angle gearbox
  • Hypoid gear sets
  • High input speed at middle and highest torque
  • Ratios i = 3:1 up to 15:1, single-stage, ratios up to 150:1 in two-stages
  • Torque up to 1440 Nm
  • Low backlash ≤ 2 arcmin
  • Variable motor mounting via coupling and lantern
  • Variable ratios within one gearbox size

DynaGear Eco

The cost optimised hypoid bevel gearbox

dynagear economyThe cost optimised right angle gearbox
  • Hypoid gear sets
  • High input speed at middle torque
  • Ratios i = 5:1, 8:1, 10:1 and 15:1, all single-stage
  • Torques up to 260 Nm
  • Backlash ≤ 6 arcmin
  • Flexible motor mounting via coupling and flange


The all-rounder amongst servo right-angle gearboxes

dynagear economy Advantages:
  • 4 configurations - including planetary gear at the output
  • 17 transmission ratios
  • Maximum performance with small dimensions and low weight
  • Due to the lifetime lubrication, the gearboxes are practically maintenance-free under normal operating conditions
  • Energy-saving due to high efficiency of up to 96%
  • Precise due to low backlash of <5 arcmin
  • Variable motor attachment via lantern and coupling
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KS TwinGear

The helical bevel gearbox

ks twingear
  • Two-stage bevel helical gearbox with ratios of up to 75:1
  • Torques up to 7500 Nm
  • Torsional backlash < 6 arcmin
  • Motor mounting either directly or via coupling and lantern
  • High torsional stiffness
  • High input speeds at high torques


The Planetary Gearbox for Power and Precision

vrs inline
  • compact design
  • high level of efficiency
  • high torsional rigidity
  • low mass moment of inertia torque
  • high overload capacity
  • high dynamics
  • large transmission ratios


Dynamic Spur Gearboxes

spur gearAdvantages:
  • economical production
  • simple mechanical movement and power transmission
  • high level of efficiency
  • high running smoothness
  • high axial and radial loads
  • low circumferential backlash
  • broad range of applications
  • long service life


The Planar Spiral Gearbox

TorusGear Planar spiral gearboxPlainly and simply: unrivalled.
  • Exceptionally compact design
  • High rigidity sets new standards
  • Zero backlash
  • With almost twice the torque
  • Significant weight reduction
  • High ratios in a single stage up to i = 400:1
  • There are virtually zero noise emissions
  • High operating reliability and long service life


The customised gearbox

 The customised gearbox
  • Single-stage gearboxes available as gearchange and reversing gearbox types
  • Forced-circulation oil lubricated gearboxes for high speed and torque
  • Labyrinth sealed gearboxes of an efficiency
    > 98%
  • Special-purpose design gearboxes with additional elements for use as functional units

Nidec GuidedGearNEW

Drive Solution for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

  • Helical planetary gearHigh precision
  • High running smoothness
  • Compact design
  • Customised design possible
  • High radial loads
  • Angular version (EVO Series)
  • 7 standard series (including angular versions)
  • A variety of motor flanges available
  • All parts from one supplier
  • Worldwide service


Gearing Precision and Performance

BevelGear Kegelrad

Spiral-, Hypoid- and Zerol® Bevel Gears
  • Standard range of products and custom-made versions
  • Module ms from 0.5 to 12
  • Diameters up to 410 mm
  • Shaft angle from 10° to 170°
  • More than 60 years of experience
  • Ground gear teeth

GearSystems [2.0]

System Solutions for Rack and Pinion Applications

GearSystems 2.0
Gear Boxes - Racks - Spur Gears - Lubrication Components

These include:

  • low-backlash precision gearboxes
  • spur gears
  • toothed racks
  • lubrication systems

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