Comprehensive Expertise

Nidec Graessner – Comprehensive Expertise

Gearbox solutions from Nidec Graessner can be used in almost all fields of application. Our customised solutions in accordance with your specifications ensure even more specific use.

Machine Tools

Always moving forward for you

getriebe werkzeugmaschinenWhen our products are used in the machine-tool field, everything revolves around the highest switch-on times with the highest rotational speeds. And for these special requirements we have very special solutions.

Precise, high-torque and fast – the feed drives in the machine tools are designed, among other things, with our straight bevel gear pairs – also as a master-slave combination that includes a toothed rack. This guarantees high levels of stiffness and dynamics.

Robotics und Automation

Man and Machine Hand in Hand.

Getriebe in Robotik und AutomationWe are the robots – this title granting a hit for the German band Kraftwerk in the 1970s applies more than ever today. Robots are becoming more and more indispensable from an economic perspective for an increasing number of tasks in a wide range of industries. For the perfect interplay between man and machine, for the perfect accomplishment of specific tasks.

As we are a competent partner for demanding customers, you can count on our long-standing experience in robotics and automation. During the development of the powertrain, particular attention is paid to availability and resilience. High-precision toothing solutions inside the gearbox as well as all-round system solutions are our speciality.

Drive Technology

Our drive: your success

Your competitiveness drives us forward. Specifically, this means: we develop highly efficient bevel gear units as a preliminary stage or post-stage in conjunction with connected planetary gear units or other precision gears. With the highest precision, small installation space and the highest torques
getriebe antriebstechnik
And our customers can rely on over 60 years of experience and our pronounced enthusiasm for innovation in the field of drive technology. This is demonstrated every day by Graessner gearboxes in virtually all industrial sectors.

Packaging Machines for the Food Industry

Bon appetit! – Our gear units are pure pleasure

Hardly anywhere else are the demands placed on cleanliness greater than in the food industry. Also on the availability of the filling and packaging machines – because a standstill can be expensive.getriebe in verpackungsmaschinen
The stainless steel or coated designs of our gearboxes fulfil these high hygiene requirements. They allow optimum cleaning with the minimal adhesion of dirt. Food-safe lubricating oils are used as a matter of course. And what drives us on: developing particularly energy-efficient drives and generating solutions which make it possible for machine manufacturers to create genuine competitive advantages for their customers from the food industry.
Image source: ILLIG Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Measurement and Testing Technology

Trust is good, control is better!

The corporate landscape nowadays is shaped by faster and faster time-to-market processes. Due to the ever shorter cycle times for new products, highly efficient test beds are particularly important. We have experience with these – because for decades we have been providing support to our customers with special test bed gearboxes.

Our highly dynamic labyrinth gearboxes satisfy all requirements with respect to efficiency and running smoothness.

For example, we offer the automotive industry, with its modern production processes and high level of automation, efficient solutions for their test beds.
Image source: AVL Schrick
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Medical Technology

The technology behind modern medical technology

getriebe medizintechnikState-of-the-art drive technology and innovative medical technology solutions often go hand-in-hand nowadays. Our mechanical drive solutions are therefore used in many areas of medical technology.

Small angular gears, for example miniature gearboxes made of stainless steel with planetary gear as the preliminary stage, are frequently used for therapeutic devices, among other things. Here, it is possible to offer the patient long-term assistance with efficient accumulators and our drive solution. For example in intelligent prostheses and many other solutions in the eHealth field. Not for nothing are our customers in this field mostly high-tech companies and innovation leaders.


The whole world in motion  

Tretlagergetriebe e motivE-motive moves the world. In this field we also have our noses in front – our long-standing experience of electric mobility sets international standards. For some years now we have been a competent development partner for our customers in the e-motive field. We are the point of contact for the development of e-bikes, lawnmowers, pleasure craft or parking aids – to name just a few products. Our expertise across the entire powertrain enables us to produce energy-efficient systems with a high service life.

Our drive solutions impress with their high power density, low weight and outstanding level of efficiency.

Our range of services: we offer the entire range of technical design for the e-motive field – also for hybrid and electric vehicles. Our offers are rounded off by our in-house service package with experienced engineers.

Mechanical and Plant Engineering

Our guiding principle is nothing less than to set standards

getriebe maschinenbau anlagenbauFor over 60 years we have been the competent partner for companies from the field of mechanical and plant engineering. Strictly speaking, our guiding principle is always the same: a size which is as compact as possible with the simultaneous transmission of high torques. And we translate this principle into practice individually with each project – always with the objective of setting standards.

Whether angular gearboxes or other mechanical gear units are involved, our guiding principle is always to be the number 1 technically. We also manufacture high-precision spur and bevel gear sets, planetary gear units as well as dynamic and robust bevel gear units for a wide range of applications.