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DesignGear –
The customised special gearbox

For everyone who expects more: special gearboxes from the specialist.

We provide gear solutions for your individual performance requirements, including designs, tooth developments, prototype manufacture, extensive tests and documentation, right up to the delivery of the series.
DesignGear kundenspezifische getriebe
Our customised gears include:

  • Single-stage bevel gears as control or reverse gears
  • Labyrinth-sealed gears with a degree of efficiency of > 98%
  • High temperature gears for ambient temperatures of up to 300°C
  • Saw drive gears
  • Test station gears with output speeds of up to 12000 min-1
  • Double gears with two transmission ratios
  • Robotic gears
  • Spur gears
  • High precision gears
  • And much more

Nidec Graessner – Engineering

Driven by your requirements

Our engineering and special manufacturing techniques have helped us become precision manufacturer of tooth systems and bevel gearboxes for more than 60 years, as well as specialist in special gearboxes. For us, individual solutions are standard. And instead of offering expertise that‘s confined to certain areas, like pure development for instance, we offer comprehensive know-how in all relevant areas – from the specifications and the first sketch up to the manufacturing of the zero series including intensive test operations. Our expertise also extends to a special in-house developed workflow management system: for optimal processes between all areas involved and the customer. Our quality management system thus guarantees highest quality and cost certainty.

Four examples illustrating one principle: highly individual special gearboxes

We offer a production-compatible design, specially adapted to the customer‘s applications, with innovatively designed drive sections, including planetary, spur gear, bevel and worm gear stages. We are driven by the desire to support our customers in the new development and optimisation of their tooth system designs through the innovative and sustainable development of special gearboxes.

Example 1

Range of applications:
  • Automotive
  • Medical technology
High transmission miniature gearbox for applications in the automotive industry and in medical technology.

Engineering 1

Example 2

Range of applications:
  • Machine tool building
  • Plant construction
Three-stage angle gearbox for ratios > i = 75:1; planetary gear stage including spur gear and bevel gear stage. For machine tool and plant construction applications.

Engineering 2

Example 3

Range of applications:
  • Automation
  • Robotic
Innovative planetary gearbox for ratios up to i = 150:1; planetary gear and hypoid bevel gear stage. For applications in automation and robotics.

Engineering 3

Example 4

Range of applications:
  • Food industry
  • Packaging equipment industry
High transmission single-stage angle gearbox in a slim-line, lightweight design for highly dynamic loads. For applications in the food and packaging machine industry.
Engineering 4

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