BevelGear – The Bevel Gears of Nidec Graessner

BevelGear KegelradAlmost no-one understands complex construction as well as Nidec Graessner, due to the fact that the gear tooth and gear specialist‘s creations are based on more than 65 years of experience.

Intelligent solutions for a wide range of sectors and applications make Nidec Graessner a reliable industry partner in both gear tooth technology and gear construction.

Advantages of Spiral, Hypoid and Zerol® Bevel Gears

  • High level of coverage due to the fact that several teeth are meshed simultaneously
  • Resistant to elastic deformation of gears, shafts and bearings
  • Circular arc gear teeth are more resistant to bending than straight and oblique gear teeth
  • Very gentle transmission even at high-speed operation and under heavy load
  • Noise and oscillation damped even at high peripheral speeds
  • Gear sets can be assembled in your preferred direction of rotation
  • > 97% efficiency depending upon layout and lubrication
  • Due to convex tooth-loading the load is not concentrated on the tooth-ends
  • All gear sets can be ground and/or lapped in pairs upon request
Spiral bevel gears
With circular arc teeth.
Hypoid bevel gears
Similar to spiral bevel gears, but with the drive pinion axially offset either above or below. This means a greater pinion diameter, longer life and more gentle tooth meshing.
Zerol® bevel gears
Zerols are a combination of spiral- and straight-tooth bevel gears with a central spiral angle of 0°.
bevel gear
bevel gear
bevel gear
For transmitting forces at an angle of 90° or any other angle pt graessner pt graessner pt graessner
At high torques pt graessner pt graessner  
At low torques     pt graessner
Under heavy load pt graessner pt graessner pt graessner
Under light load pt graessner pt graessner pt graessner
For low-noise operation pt graessner pt graessner  
For low-vibration transmission pt graessner pt graessner  
For drives that have input and output on the same level pt graessner   pt graessner
For drives that have input and output axially offset   pt graessner  
For unusually high gear reduction   pt graessner  
If the pinion is to be as large as possible   pt graessner  
For all applications with space and weight limits pt graessner pt graessner pt graessner
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