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11/2022 PLANETGEAR VRS High Speed: Cool – even at high speed operations  

High speed leads to increased heat generation. Nidec Graessner shows that this is not a law of nature with its PlanetGear VRS High Speed gearbox series. This series is characterized by high traversing speeds and acceleration values as well as high deceleration without the gearbox overheating. Its use makes sense wherever automation and maximum speed go hand in hand.

Speed ensures a competitive edge. When machine movements have to be particularly fast - especially with frequent stops and changes of direction - gearboxes deliver top performance. Especially in continuous operation, it must be ensured that the gearboxes are able to withstand the forces involved in the long term, so that a high thermal limit performance is guaranteed and that abrasion and susceptibility to maintenance are minimized. With a particularly compact design, a maximum acceleration torque of up to 3,700 Nm and a reduced torsional backlash of ≤ 3 arcmin, the VRS High Speed series is up to any automation project. At the same time, the gearboxes of this series run permanently quiet.

Your advantages
  • Case-hardened helical gearing, tooth flank optimized for special accuracy and smooth running
  • One-piece output shaft and planetary gear carrier with two robust tapered roller bearings above the planetary gears; higher radial/axial load capacity, greater rigidity, torque density and improved safety factor with guaranteed tooth fit
  • Cageless needle bearings provide excellent torque density and torsional stiffness
  • Unique drive-side labyrinth sealing provides significantly reduced heating and higher system efficiency; IP65-rated version available
  • Optimized mounting system with active centring on the motor centring diameter ensures correct fit of the motor. Motor can be mounted in any mounting position
  • True concentric motor shaft clamping optimized for your particular motor; reduced inertia for dynamic performance and balancing for high-speed operation
  • Ring gear machined directly into the housing, not welded or pressed in, provides better concentricity and eliminates speed fluctuations
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DynaGear mit Roboterflansch

09/2022: PLANETGEAR: Food Safety in Motion

Food safety requirements are continuously increasing - not only in Germany and Europe, but worldwide. This also has an impact on processing and packaging lines, which must also be designed to be increasingly safe. The planetary gearboxes ‘PLANETGEAR’ from Nidec Graessner meet the highest standards in this respect and their lubrication is carried out with special greases suitable for foodstuffs.

07/2022: PLANETGEAR VRT High Precision (1 arcmin): Precision in Perfection

It is easier to swing a hammer than to perform an operation. What applies to human work applies to an even greater extent to the work of machines: The future of automation lies in increasing precision with increasing complexity. Precision in machine motion sequences is highly dependent on the quality of the gearboxes and it is precisely here that Nidec Graessner presents its latest innovation: PlanetGear VRT High Precision (1 arcmin).

05/2022: PLANETGEAR VRT High Precision (1 arcmin) for Delta Robots: Agile under maximum load

What sets Delta robots apart is their combination of speed, precision and the very flexible application possibilities in the packaging and food sector. They run around the clock, in the best case never break down and thus increase productivity while reducing personnel costs. With the PlanetGear gearboxes of the VRT series for Delta Robots, which were specially developed for use in Delta robots, Nidec Graessner adds two more advantages to these: durability and reliability.

03/2022: PLANETGEAR PRE/PRF: More flexibility and top performance for standard applications

While Nidec Graessner is primarily known for high-end solutions in the gearbox sector, with PlanetGear PRE/PRF, the company presents a series that is optimised especially for standard applications. This results in demand-oriented solutions for a wide range of applications, more flexibility in design and reduced automation costs.

08/2021: DYNAGEAR HighRatio – The new two-stage servo right-angle gearbox: space-saving and powerful

Power needs to be effective. To ensure that this happens in the best possible way, the experienced gearbox manufacturer Nidec Graessner has developed the DynaGear HR, a new two-stage right-angle gearbox that is extremely space-saving and also has outstanding running smoothness. It complements the single-stage DynaGear gearbox series. With a trans-mission ratio range from i = 16:1 to i = 150:1, the limits of what is possible no longer result from what is technically feasible, but merely from one's own imagination.

04/2021: NIDEC GUIDEDGEAR: Warehouse automation thrives on reliability

Automation is replacing human labour at more and more points within the industrial value chain. An important part of this is warehouse automation with Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). For this purpose, experienced gearbox manufacturer Nidec Graessner provides powerful drive solutions for more performance and energy efficiency.

05/2020: FLEXWAVE – Robots would choose Flexwave

Robots love it exact. Machine tools, automation and semiconductor production also demand ever greater precision. Therefore, there is no way around the high-quality Flexwave Strain Wave Gearboxes from Nidec Graessner. Flexwave – a light, compact strain wave gearbox with high precision, efficiency and torsional stiffness with low starting torque, zero backlash and high transmission ratios. The Flexwave gearboxes combine exactly these characteristics. In sizes ranging from 35 to 80, the gearboxes provide ratios of up to i=120:1.

03/2020: PLANETGEAR – The benchmark for planetary gearboxes

The planetary gearbox from Nidec Graessner is a compact powerhouse that shows its full strength whenever high precision is required in a sensitive environment ‐ in robotics and automation, in the food industry and medical technology, in machine tools and packaging machines as well as in aerospace.

01/2020: EVOGEAR – The new servo angular gearbox from Nidec Graessner

Precision meets efficiency
The new servo angular gearbox EvoGear offers outstanding versatility and an optimized design. EvoGear beautifully combines all the benefits of a powerful gearbox and is geared towards anyone that values a wide variety of ratios, stylish and easy-to-clean design.

10/2019: Nidec Graessner is now the Central European Operations Center for High Precision Technologies of Nidec-Shimpo

Starting October 1st 2019, Nidec Graessner takes over the European high-precision gearbox business of Nidec-Shimpo
As part of Nidec-Shimpo’s continuous efforts to streamline its operations, it has successful completed the transition to move its European high precision gearbox business to Nidec Graessner GmbH & Co. KG, located in Dettenhausen, Germany.

05/2018: MS-Graessner: Original meets robotics

DynaGear gearbox now also available with robot flange compliant with EN ISO 9409-1, expanded with hollow shaft for supply lines
A new push for robotics. Effective immediately, the highly dynamic hypoid bevel gear systems of the DynaGear series are available with a flange ideally suited for the diverse requirements of robotics.

02/2018: Precision at 8500 rpm – new design size S75

The highly efficient bevel gearboxes of the PowerGearHS series of MS-GRAESSNER have been developed consistently for the requirements at the highest input speeds. At low transmission ratios, they offer many advantages for different applications.


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