EvoGear – The all-rounder amongst servo right-angle gearboxes

EvoGear confidently combines all the advantages of a high-performance gearbox and is aimed at all those who set value on a high ratio variety, a shapely and easy-to-clean design. As the name already
suggests, the EvoGear gearbox is a further development – but also a small r(EVO)lution, because here, all the knowledge, design demands
and requirements of the recent years have been invested in a cost-reduced and multifunctional product.
dynagear economy1
  • 4 configurations - including planetary gear at the output
  • 17 transmission ratios
  • The compact and stable design ensures maximum performance with small dimensions and low weight
  • Due to the lifetime lubrication, the gearboxes are practically maintenance-free under normal operating conditions
  • Energy-saving due to high efficiency of up to 96%
  • Precise due to low backlash of <5 arcmin
  • Variable motor attachment via lantern and coupling
Configuration L
Solid shaft version
Ausfuehrung L
Configuration LSV
Hollow shaft version
Configuration PLS
Solid shaft version with planetary output

Configuration PLT
Solid shaft version with planetary stage and robot flange
KS TwinGear K
Performance table
Configuration with solid shaft or with hollow shaft
evogear Leistungstabellen L LSV
Performance table
Configuration with planetary output
evogear Leistungstabellen L LSV
Dimensions and Configurations
Configuration with solid shaft, hollow shaft or with planetary gear and solid shaft at the output
evogear Leistungstabellen L LSV
Dimensions and Configurations
Configuration with planetary gear and robot flange

evogear Leistungstabellen L LSV


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