PowerGear X-Version – The power-pack amongst the bevel gearboxes for highest torques.

The PowerGear X-Version with the reinforced design implements with a ratio of i=1:1 the transmission of highest output torques at smallest overall size. The sturdy spiral bevel gear according to Gleason together with the reinforced mounting system guarantee the highest power-density.

Technical Overview
   Sizes 9 gearbox sizes from X54 to X280
   Configurations L, H
   Ratio i = 1:1
   Shaft arrangement WA 1, WA 3, WA 13
   Nominal output torque T2N up to 5500 Nm
   Input speed n1max up to 4000 min -1
Configuration H
Input with solid shaft.
Output with hollow shaft and feather key groove.
X Version Bauform H
Configuration L
Input and output with solid shaft.
Output on both sides or on one side.
X Version Bauform L
Performance table
[Click on image]
PowerGear x version Performance table
Dimensions and shaft arrangements
[Click on image]
PowerGear x version Dimension Table


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